Do you need a place to "get stuff" done?

Welcome to our premier Burlington Offices rentals. Discover a professional, serene, and fully-equipped space designed to boost your productivity and elevate your business.

Why Choose Our Burlington Offices ?

Professional Environment:  Our offices provide a professional atmosphere that enhances your business image, ensuring a dedicated space to focus and impress your clients.

Flexible Terms: Our rental options cater to your schedule and budget, whether you need a space for an hour, part-time, or full-time.

State-of-the-Art Amenities: Enjoy high-speed internet, modern office furniture, and all the  amenities you need to work efficiently and effectively.

Convenient Location:  Situated in the heart of Waterdown with quick access to the highway, our workspace solutions are easily accessible with ample FREE parking, making it convenient for you and your clients.

A place where businesses thrive. Together.

Idea Room members make up a community of professionals that succeed collectively:

"I greatly enjoyed my time as a member of The Idea Room, and though my own career has now taken me to another city, I highly recommend it to any creative professional living in or around Waterdown, Burlington, and Hamilton. The Wi-Fi coverage is excellent, and founder Tyrone Matheson is an upstanding, friendly, and highly-responsive leader who actively seeks out equally-positive and similar-energied (if that's a word) professionals to form The Idea Room's membership. You'll make some new friends and wonderful connections here."
—Jody Aberdeen
Former Idea Room Member

Here are five ways The Idea Room makes it happen:

"A great space filled with great people!"
Vince Luciani
Former Idea Room Member

#1: The longest-lasting networking event. ever.

Unless you hate networking, that is. 

Socialize how and when you want

At The Idea Room, you’ll be surrounded by goal-oriented and passionate entrepreneurs that are dedicated to helping each other reach their business goals. Every single day is an opportunity to connect and collaborate with other business owners, professional freelancers, and specialists in a variety of fields. It’s a place where talent and potential gather, but no one will judge you if you prefer to keep to yourself in a private office.

#2: More flexibility than a yoga instructor

Struggling to scale?

Grow at your own pace

Traditionally, businesses hunker down in a space until employees are toppling over one another, and then move into a new home with “room to grow” (aka unused and expensive square footage). At the Idea Room, you’ll find solutions for teams of all sizes, whether you’re a one-person show, a small team, or a thriving company.

"A new addition to the coworking scene and a very good one. Small and bright so it's very different than the others. You feel like you belong when you're here. Free parking and for some reason someone always brings in treats...
Double bonus!"
Sharon Ricci
Former Idea Room Member
"Great location. Tyrone Matheson's a good, down to earth guy...I expect it'll also give me exposure to some of the business community in Waterdown and/or Flamborough."
Daniel Lynes
Former Idea Room Member

#3: Location, Location… you get it.

You need an address that serves your business needs. 

Say hello to Waterdown!

The Idea Room is centrally-located in Waterdown, a growing community that has convenient access to Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, and all major highways and transit. Instead of sacrificing location quality, enjoy access to transportation, cafés, gyms, and the city’s best shopping.

#4: Everything an expensive lease has, but without the “expensive” part

Or the “lease” part, for that matter.

Save time AND money

Idea Room members enjoy all of the benefits that come with a professional space without any of the expenses. As a fully-equipped office, The Idea Room helps you save on costs associated with outfitting a space of your own, paying rent, and acquiring insurance. You’ll also save time otherwise spent chasing down contractors, dealing with repairs, sourcing permits, and all of the other headaches that come with traditional office spaces.

"Great space for collaboration!"
Kevin Pettie
Former Idea Room Member
"Two members of our virtual team recently worked at The Idea Room and loved it. Convenient location, free parking, highly secure access, and a comfortable place to work. We'll definitely choose The Idea Room again when we're in the area."
Rachel Formaro
Former Idea Room Member

#5: A clean, well-lighted place (did we mention it’s clean?)

Every business owner knows this very important equation: 

Health + Happiness = Productivity

Sick leave is one of the biggest drains on a business’s bottom line. Idea Room members benefit from a work-life balance that promotes positive physical and mental health.





Perfect for those who need a quiet, professional space for a few hours. Ideal for client meetings, focused work sessions, or when you need a break from your usual workspace.



Gain access to your own office space for a set number of hours each week. Great for balancing remote work with in-office days, ensuring you have a dedicated space to boost your productivity.



Enjoy the consistency of a full-time office without the long-term commitment. Get your own private office to use as your business hub, complete with all the amenities you need to thrive.

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